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Emin İpek

Since 1982, we have been providing services in the rubber sector. We have been continuing our activities as Emin İpek Machinery Rubber Ltd. Co. since 2008. Our main target group as a company is the energy sector. We are capable of producing various rubber dam shuttering for Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP) and in dams, turbine water inlet joints, conical valve gaskets, swing check valve gaskets, rubber metallic bearing bushings, rubber and plastic parts for thermal power plants in special dimensions, and rubber-filled wheels of various diameters. In our machine workshop, we can also produce various types of molds.

Although we do not export directly, our company's products have been indirectly sent to countries like France, England, Italy, Germany, and Austria.


Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP), Energy and Mining Sector, Rubber Sealing Elements, Hes Rubber Dam Cover Gaskets, Thermal Power Plant Rubber Spare Parts, Rubber Special Productions

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