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Karetas Mining

Karetas, one of the best mosaic producers in Turkey, has been in the natural stone industry since 2006 with its high quality, reasonable price, and best service policy. It is easy to find the product you request in our product portfolio, which can serve approximately 30 types of raw materials and with more than 500 models. Karetas has increased its service capacity with the Atlantic Gray Marble Quarry by incorporating Yasam Marble Company in 2019. Atlantic Gray Marble is offered to you both as raw material and as a final product. We are a company that aims to increase the production and variety of raw materials. For this reason, Karetas Madencilik is adding a new gray marble quarry to its body. Our new quarry is planned to enter into service next year.


Marble Blocks, Marble and Travertine Mosaics, Paver, Tiles, And Pool Coping

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